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Ifiac has more than 20 years of experience in accounting services for the hospitality industry. Our services and our solutions perfectly match the specific needs of the hospitality sector.

Our solutions for your bookkeeping and reporting



Invoice processing

With online invoice processing from Ifiac, your invoice processing is automated straight away. The data from digital and scanned invoices are processed online. The system automatically generates a booking which you can approve or amend. The more invoices are processed, the smarter the system becomes. Eventually, the system will book virtually flawlessly, saving you a huge amount of time.

If different employees are responsible for approving different invoices, you can configure your online invoice approval scheme accordingly. You simply define a digital route to the responsible employee for each type of invoice. That way, the checking and approval of all invoices are taken care of online.


Cash till processing

Petty cash, on account, debit card, credit card; and those are just the ways in which customers can pay. You may also have to deal with wrong entries put in the till, bills paid out of the till or gift vouchers. Cashing up demands great accuracy. In order to support our customers even better, Ifiac has developed a till application. This application can be linked to virtually any till system and runs on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Cash receipts, till receipts and other documents are very simple to upload. As a result, your cash till processing is always easy to follow at a glance.


Bank processing

With Ifiac, you can opt for automatic and digital processing of your bank transactions. That's handy, because thanks to a digital link with your bank, all transactions are systematically updated. You won't have to give it a second thought and you'll no longer need to download your data first before scanning it in again elsewhere. The digital bank processing module from Ifiac is less prone to errors and much less time-consuming than manual operations. All transactions up to and including the previous day are presented in a clearly structured form for you to access anytime, anywhere.



Ifiac can even handle your payments for you. You scan your purchase invoices: based on that, we'll send you a clearly presented payment list. All payments are ordered by the latest payment date as shown on the invoice. The payments can be automatically processed into your online bank system – following a check if required. Once you approve the automatically generated payments, your bank accepts them. That way, with very little effort you can be sure you are paying all your invoices just-in-time – never too late and certainly never too early.



An additional benefit of our digital applications is the informative management reports which our customers always have at their disposal. We can generate an up-to-date and reliable overview of your performance on all conceivable KPIs for you at any time. What is the cost price of your sales? How is your business doing compared to similar companies? Which product groups are generating the most profits relatively speaking? All questions to which our food service dashboard immediately provides clear answers!

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