the accounting expert
for the hospitality industry

Ifiac has more than 20 years of experience in accounting services for the hospitality industry. Our services and our solutions perfectly match the specific needs of the hospitality sector.

Financial administration

Book-keeping for the hospitality industry can be complex. For example, you have to deal with many small transactions, different VAT rates and daily transactions – all elements that make keeping your books up to date on a daily basis highly labour-intensive.


Free advice

Ifiac specializes in your sector and would love to specialize in your business. During a free initial consultation meeting, we will investigate and question you about your business. That way, we can get a good picture of your company and your business operations. Together, we will sort out which of our services can benefit you.

Solutions bookkeeping and reporting

Our financial services

Ifiac specializes in the hospitality industry sector and offers you the following financial services:
• Book-keeping (daily, weekly or monthly)
• Management reports of your figures and profit margins (online)
• VAT returns
• Annual accounts
• Tax returns
• Digital processing of incoming invoices
• Payments
• Sending out payment reminders

Put your business first

Put your business first and choose Ifiac. We have over 20 years of experience doing the most varied financial administration work for a huge range of companies: hotels, restaurants, cafes, lunchrooms, franchisees, multiple stores; thanks to the expertise of our staff, Ifiac offers outstanding solutions for the hospitality industry.

Solutions bookkeeping and reporting

Personnel administration

In order to keep your guests happy, you need staff. That involves more than just hiring good people – although that can often be a challenge in itself. If you employ staff, that immediately means dealing with employee records, contracts, time records, salary payments, sickness absenteeism and that's not all. Maintaining a complete personnel administration including salary records and generating salary slips monthly can impose a big burden on your time.


Free advice

During a free initial consultation meeting, we will investigate your HR policy and payroll.  Together we will decide which are the best services Ifiac can provide in order to help you most. Our staff will help you to implement the collective labour agreement (CAO) in practice.

Solutions personnel administration

Your personnel administration, our services

As experts for the hospitality industry, we have all the services to give you optimum support for your personnel administration in-house. We can even take over your complete personnel administration for you. Which means 'all' you have to do is find the right people. Our services:
• Payroll administration
• Employment contracts
• Contract management
• Online time registration (hours worked, holidays, sickness absenteeism, etc.)
• Personnel planning
• Grading and salary advice
• Sickness and recovery notifications to the health & safety service
• Communication with the tax office and social security agencies

Ifiac keeps your records

Registering as an employer, salary slips, annual statements and the ever-changing collective employment agreement . You find the right people and Ifiac keeps the records. If required we can also submit declarations to the pension fund and the UWV employee insurance agency on your behalf, as well as sickness and recovery notifications to the health & safety service.

Solutions personnel administration

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